Fish Fry
    One day last week Ryan showed up with some fish and somehow a fish-fry at Danny & Mary's happened. Ryan made all the arrangements, except I crashed the evening with some extra fish. Mary added a few sides and Danny did the frying. A little card playing and beverage drinking ensued and eventually some dinner. Fish was good and a nice time was had. Here are a few pictures taken of the people who couldn't avoid the camera. Those who did avoid were me & Peter. 
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Last updated on: 9/2/2009
Amy P, Karen, Wade & John's back
Ryan, Cody & John's back again
Ryan, Wade, John, Cody
Karens back
Danny & Mary in back
CW around table:
Karen in white, Cody, John, Wade, Amy P & Ryan
Karen, Amy P, Ryan, John & Mary
Wade, Ryan, Amy P
&  Cody
Karen & John
Cody's famous
"Mug Huggie"