Right around the corner from the Side Bar is the Pinnacle club. We know a couple of the workers there, so we've now made it one of our hangouts. They have a kitchen and serve some pretty good menu lunchs and when busy will keep the kitchen open in the evening for dinner and appetizers. They have a little more room than the Side Bar has, so if a good band is playing, its easier to get involved. One draw back is that they don't have Killians yet. Maybe soon. If you look for us on Friday's for Down Town Alive, and you don't see us at the Side Bar, check here.  
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Last updated on: 9/2/2009
Mary & Danny
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Ty Cobb
Mary & Carol S
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Jimmy James, Larry, Susie, Nanette, Cindy, Karen, Luke, Danny, Lauren
Karen, Luke, Mary, Danny, Lauren, Jimmy James, Larry, Susie, Nanette
Jimmy James, Karen
Karen, Mary, Andrew, Danny, Larry
Nanette, Karen, Larry, Lauren, Andrew, Danny
Mary, Susie, Nanette, Larry
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Andrew, Mary
Susie, Nanette, Cindy
Danny, Karen
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